Enter the DARK side of Colchester and come face to face with some of the infamous and terrifying activity that has been documented across Colchester through its extensive and grisly history! 

Built upon the ancient foundations of ancient Roman temples and buildings, Colchester also has links with the Witch finder General and the tragic women who perished here through execution, labelled as witches. With such a bloody history it is no wonder there are so many recorded cases of paranormal activity all over this historic town.

Witchcraft, hangings, and murder have all left their gruesome mark… 
Now we invite you to experience the terror of those who have seen for themselves the ghosts, mysterious happenings and deep, dark secrets that haunt this otherwise beautiful Essex town.

Are you brave enough to encounter such legends as James Parnell, Alice Mellor and the Colchester Witches after dark, with nothing more than a single torch? 

Don’t be afraid of the DARK… 
…be afraid of what’s in the DARK!

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The dark.jpg

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