The Paranormal Emporium, Essex - Seance & Ouija

Seance & Ouija

The TPE team have conducted many séances both professionally and personally for our own interest and research. There are many variations the séance. Our team stick to a traditional and proven process which we find brings the best experience for our clients. We have personally witnessed truly amazing events through our séances and we are frequently contacted by the public to seek contact with lost relatives and loved ones.
Seance is our most popular service and often includes Ouija if requested by our client. Use of Ouija boards should to be conducted and controlled by qualified and experienced member of the NSA.

Important disclosure - The Paranormal Emporium discourages anyone from attempting Ouija by themselves. It is very complex and can be dangerous and disturbing if handled by the inexperienced. If you would like to experience Ouija rest assured that we have taken the necessary precautions to ensure customer safety to the best of our ability. Provided our client follows our instructions and listens to our safety procedure no harm should come to them. We ask you to note that Ouija is conducted at the clients own risk and we can accept no responsibility for any damages caused to property or people.

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Address: 6 Robin Close, Great Bentley, Colchester, CO78QH