Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Investigation

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IS YOUR HOME HAUNTED? If you think your house is haunted or if you would like to find out if there is something or someone hidden in your home, why not invite our team of highly qualified and experienced team out to do a full investigation of you and your home. Our team is kitted out with top of the range equipment, high-spec vehicles, optional K9 units, and paranormal specialists. What you will get is a team of paranormal investigators attend the location, set up recording and sound equipment, you will have a medium make contact via seance, spirit board and a range of equipment, and then we will deal with the spirit, clear your aura and energy. You can be as much of a part of the investigation as you wish to be. Please note: 3 hours is the minimum amount of time we require, however our investigations usually take a lot more time. If you have any time constraints, please make us aware.



Please book this service and then contact us via the confirmation email or directly on Facebook to arrange your appointment.


(T&C travel costs will be applied if you are more than 35 miles from CO2 7FH, it will be charged at £0.50 per mile after 35 miles)