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Sleep Paralysis

This is genuinely my most scary experience I have ever had. It is something I still fear to this day. You may have experienced it yourself?

So, this story begins when I was in my teens, I cannot remember the exact age as I am sure I have suppressed it. But I know it was at a time when I lived at home with my family.

I grew up in a bungalow in Great Bentley, my mum, sister, and brother (both older than me) lived with me and our rooms lined the front of the bungalow, and towards the back was the kitchen, bathroom and living room which circled round on itself. As the youngest, I had the smallest room which was in the middle.

I had an uneventful day, and I was now sound asleep in my bed and it is the middle of the night. I remember my eyes shooting open and the wave of fear rushing over me as I realised... I could not move a single muscle in my body, My arms were pinned to my side, my head would not look side to side and my legs were rigid straight. "What the hell" I thought.

Guy being paralysed in his sleep
Sleep Paralysis

As I lay there, trying to freak the fuck out but my body not responding to it. My chest pulls upwards. This was when the scariest thing happened. I. left. my. body!

In what seemed like a lifetime. I found myself looking down at my own body, sound asleep in bed. I was completely powerless and not in control of my movements.

I felt myself being pulled very slowly out of the room whilst I was suspended tight in the air. I was just drifting so so so slowly out of my room and through the hallway. It felt like I could not breathe, I was suffocating! It took me a good 10 minutes to drift through into the lounge, everything was so quiet, so still, yet not peaceful at all. Air was rushing through my ears as I drifted eventually through the French doors into the kitchen.

It is here where I paused, not through choice but because whatever was moving me had stopped pulling. I am not exaggerating when I say I was hoovering in the kitchen, completely paralysed, and suspended 2 feet off of the ground for around an hour in that spot. I thought this was not ever going to end.

Eventually the pull began again as I floated out the kitchen and back into the hall, ahead of me I could see the door to my sister's room. Its then that I realised that I was being pulled towards that room.

As I headed into the room, I caught a glimpse of my own room, where my actual body remained sound asleep.

I floated into my sisters' room and I am turned to face her as she slept in her bed. I am there for about 30 minutes, just hoovering over her as the energy turns from chaotic to sinister. There might as well be tubular bells playing in the background.

I do not know why I was there, but I just remember rage and hunger fill my chest as I stare at my sister... for no reason whatsoever.

I must admit I was scared, what was this energy going to do to me? What was its intentions?

Thankfully, the energy began pulling me back out the room and I am pulled into my own room.

With a thud I am dropped into my body and gasp deeply as I spring awake. This was not a dream, this was not in my head, this had happened!


To this day I have no idea what happened, or why, or who. All I remember is the fear overwhelming me as I could not move or make a sound.

And I know that I do not ever want it to happen again!

Have you ever had a similar experience?

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