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My worst experience as a psychic.

So, we all sit there and imagine the worst when we think about ghost hunting, thats why so many people shy away from it, however I have had far more positive experiences than negative.

I must admit, it can get scary, and it is never just a little bit scary either. When things go wrong, THEY GO VERY WRONG.

I have been lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to experience some of the worst ever activity in my time. Which is why I have designed my team, their uniforms, and the equipment they carry to ensure their safety. You may have seen that my team wear stab-proof vests and carry cuffs. Some people think it is over the top, or a gimmick, but we know that I would much rather be carrying them, than wanting them.

Today I want to share my worst experience with you. I am going to honest and put a trigger warning in here. It is far from nice and includes sexual assault references so please stop reading here if you do not want to read about it.

The story starts here:

I grew up in an incredibly haunted house. It was on a housing estate and the street I lived on became more like a family than neighbours. I grew up with some friends which I still have to this day. The adults became friends, the kids become friends, and now 26 years later, the kid's kids become friends too.

The house I grew up in had a variety of spirits in every corner of the house, both positive and extremely negative. I am going to tell you about the worst ever spirit I have come across.

It was the weekend, I was 16, just finished work as a hairdresser and come home on payday to the usual, my friends where over for drinks. (I will tell you now, no alcohol had been consumed before this, but it CERTAINLY was after).

I was being taught by my boss how to channel and control my gift, and my friends were all amazed by my "party trick" of being able to host an amazing seance and tell them stuff I would never have known about them.

Anyway, Saturday night, I had a few friends, and my friends mum over for a séance, it was very light-hearted, and laughter was flowing. Of course my spirit guide, Rose had come through and I was telling my friend that she had met a guy at work today and that she should call him, because she was thinking of dismissing it, however rose had told me it would be an amazing relationship and she shouldn't rule it out so quickly. My friend was blown away that I had been told about the encounter. We made our jokes and took the piss a little bit, and then I cleared the circle to start again and welcome another spirit through.

We are all sat round the kitchen table, lit by a single candle on the centre of the table, hands joined to create a circle to hold any spirit that come through.

"I open this circle and welcome any positive spirits in to communicate with us, I am Jesse and you can use my energy" I called out (I had already put protection in place before we started so I was confident nothing negative would come through... how wrong was I)

Immediately the air changed, tingles shot through everyone's body, the laughter died out and we all become very aware that something was not quite right. Within a split-second my friends mum was crying out "ITS BURNING, DOWN THERE, IT BURNS, OUCH". Now I had been told how to clear negative spirits away and close a circle should something like this happen, but as much as I tried, I couldn't do anything! it was like my spiritual energy was being held, the energy I project out to spirits to they can latch onto our realm and talk to us, I didn't have control of it, and this had never happened to me before. "STOP IT, I DIDNT DO ANYTHING, NO PLEASE DONT HURT ME, OUCH" my friends mum exclaims. Everyone is in shear panic and all I could do is shout to them not to break the circle.

Now I can't explain the feeling inside me, but it was like I could physically feel my actual energy drain from my body, it was like I had an invisible man pinning my arms down and preventing me from moving, I am fighting, my god did I fight, and the more I couldn't move or react, the more frighten I had become. Then from nowhere, in wades my 60-something year old Victorian nanny of a spirit guide, and instantly I feel calm.

"Jesse, you are stronger than him, by being scared you are feeding him, that's what he wants. You know what to do Jesse, stay calm, take back the control, I'm going to help every step of the way, but neither of us can do anything whilst you a building his energy with your fear"

I paused, everything paused, the entire world stood still for what seemed like forever but was likely to be a couple of seconds. I dug as deep as I could, shut down all rational thinking, took one look at my friends mum in physical pain whilst her eyes streamed with tears, and I become more determined than I have ever been before.

The spirit hated that, (I will never name him, he does not deserve one, and was not human enough to have one) All of a sudden my eyes stopped working and I was deep in the spiritual realm, seeing exactly what my friends mum had had projected onto her.

There was a man, towering over a woman, who cowering next to an old-fashioned wood stove in a kitchen. He had hold of her hair and was repeatedly slamming her head into the stove. Her clothes were ripped from the waist down. Suddenly, he drops her hair, and she slumps to the ground, blood all over him, all over the floor and stove, and all over her.

Now what happens next will stay with me to the grave.... He laughs.

My energy took control, I pushed the spirit of this evil man out, far away into the spirit realm, and instantly snapped back to the kitchen. My friend's face’s where white, everyone crying, shaking with fear, all of us just shell shocked by what had just happened.

I closed the circle, and my friends mum began to tell us, that she lost the circle and began seeing things through the murdered ladies' eyes. The evil bastard had stormed in and declared she was sleep with another man, and began to beat her, and rape her, and finally murder her.

Safe to say we cleansed auras, sage the hell out of us and the house, and got drunk... night over.

This story has been downplayed many times on my live feeds, however this is the full unedited recollection of the worst physic experience I have ever had. This has taken a lot for me to share this as truth be told, it is the only thing that actually scares me about the spiritual world, but it has made me the fearless ghost hunter I am today.

I will add that I was 16, inexperienced, and have learnt a hell of a lot since then.

Thank you for reading.

Prof. Jesse Hawkins

The Paranormal Emporium

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