My snapping point.

It’s a scary decision, the snapping point For me. After having years of counselling for various reasons, I had developed a passion for helping people. My first counselling session was in my “naughty boys school”. There was a residential counsellor who was placed to try and work us through our troubles. One session in, I has heard all I had to hear, I was bored and frustrated hearing “so how did that make you feel” over and over. I had been taken upstairs into a room no bigger than what you store you clothes in. My counsellor ‘andy‘ had picked me to work through my problems... why I couldn’t get along with mainstream schooling.

I sat there, listening to his generic spool, zoning in and out of the psychic realm. As I sat there and listen to his endless cliches about why my behaviour was as it was. His uncle (a spirit) had approached me... telling me all about andy.

I reeled of some bullshit, thinking that’s what he wanted to hear, all the while being told deep and dark secrets from andys uncle from the spirit world.

Andys uncle clearly didnt like him much as he revealed that Andy had been sexually abused as a child in school... after the millionth counselling cliche i had had enough, I put it on a plate for him.

“I know why you’re doing this, listen Andy you have been abused as a child in school and I sympathise with you. But I’m not troubled, there is nothing wrong with me, you don’t have to fix me ok”.

he replied with... “I was abused Jesse yes” this shocked me and put me on the ropes as I never expected him to admit it. He opened up and I could tell (mainly because I was told by the spirits around him) that this was a break through for Andy, and he had never had this opportunity to process this abuse like this. I ended up (unknowingly) spiritually counselling my counsellor.

fast forward several years, 6 years+ of studying psychology and counselling at a university level. I was a fully qualified counsellor with a degree in psychology. I was shell shocked, I had never expected so much potential from little old me.

I spent over four years training and working with troubled teens in the care system as a counsellor... don’t get me wrong, I loved every day.

I was making a difference, and helping people. And I loved it. The Paranormal Emporium was running in the back ground, mainly as a hobby, but word had spread about my readings, both psychic and tarot, and I was inundated with requests for readings.

i was sat down in my living room with Jamie, trying to fit in readings and work into a week rota, I couldn’t. I was torn, I loved being a counsellor but my passion was my psychic ability. Jamie abruptly told me... “Jesse, you’re an amazing counsellor but you have a natural gift being psychic! Follow your heart and choose. Psychic or counsellor”.

That was that. I invested a ton of money and time into spreading the word around and it didn’t take long before I had a waiting list for readings.

I havent looked back since and my passion for hunting ghosts is now my 9-5 and I’m grateful for each one of you for making that possible.

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