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I got to say my goodbye to my stepdad.

Wally Walton
The Man Himself

So, I am about to share with you, one of my rare personal spiritual encounters.

Being a psychic medium, it is well known that we rarely get to speak to our own loved ones in the spirit realm, the reason why is unknown however there are many theories.

This story starts with me growing up. My mums first husband Christopher, known as Wally was like a father figure to me and my siblings despite no longer being married to my mum when I was born, he remained around and made sure he looked upon me as his own. I distinctly remember him making sure I had a warm coat for winter and making sure we never went without.

Wally was huge in the biker community and well known to many. His funeral had a turnout of over 2000 people. He truly was a remarkable man.

The thing about Wally, he was never without a cup of tea, he would drink endless cuppa's all day every day. Unfortunately, his 80 cups of tea were accompanied with 80 cigarettes.

He contracted Cancer.

Wally became more and more ill, and due to him having 8 Kids biologically his, and 1000's of friends. Getting an opportunity to see him before he passed was near impossible.

He passed just before Christmas 4 years ago.

Now I never got to visit him in hospital, and I am secretly thankful. Cancer is a horrible disease and towards the end, makes it victims near unrecognisable. I don't think I would of like to of seen him like that. I keep a very happy memory of him, untarnished by the cancer.

Shortly after his death, I was hosting a psychic supper round my house with a few close friends. It was a success and I remember channelling a spirit whose language I did not understand. It was polish, and the spirit itself was for my neighbour who I had never spoken to.

We moved on to a spirit board, the room was lit only by the candles necessary for the board. There was me, leading the board, and a few friends.

One thing I need to mention, is that after Wally passed, I went through 2 kettles because they would switch their selves on by themselves all day every day. Not only that, but clouds of cigarette smoke would fill random places in my house. I had no doubt it was Wally.

I digress, we are sat down in my kitchen, a spirit board on the table, A shot glass full of water, a candle, a handful of mud, and the air around us to offer the elements of the earth to the spirits who wish to come through.

All of our fingers are pressed lightly on the planchette, we wait patiently as I call upon the spirits to come forwards, and then suddenly, our planchette starts twitching, our fingers feel like we are glued to the board. a spirit wants to talk to us.


"tell" we shout out.


We read out the letters so we can write them down and make sense of them.

I L-O-V-E H-E-R.

"Who's mum?" We ask.


"is this Wally" I ask excitedly, Carly is my older sister and also one of Wally's daughters.


"I promise you wally, I will look after her"

Wally went on to tell me he will look after me, and that he loves me, and also, he said goodbye.

As his energy faded from the board and I closed it down, I had this knowing in my stomach that that would be the last time I spoke to Wally, the man who was the closest thing I had to a father figure in my life.

Without saying a word, I stood up, walked outside and tears began streaming down my face. Believe it or not I am not a man easily moved to tears, very rarely have I cried throughout my life, people used to joke that I had no tear ducts. But here I find myself silently sobbing on my driveway. My company had the decency to leave me to it.

I calmed myself, and sunk into a psychic state, I searched for Wally's energy to no success. I thanked Wally for everything he had done for me and said goodbye.

As I walked into my kitchen the kettle was boiling, I assumed it was wally, however, well before it reached boiling point, it switched itself off. never to be switched on by itself again.

I rarely share my personal spirits with you; however, I am blessed enough to share yours, I felt you should know mine.

Funeral of wally walton
My brother leading his dad to his funeral

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