I got possessed in Narnia.

This damn wardrobe!

Haunted wardrobe
The Wardrobe

TPE get sent a lot of haunted artefacts by clients because they become too much for them. Everything from teaspoons - furniture.

One day I was working my way through the messages to the page and come across one that caught my attention.

It was from a woman (who shall remain anon) saying she had an old art deco wardrobe which was well over 100 years old, and that she had had many weird experiences and that she was coming to the end of her tether with it. She wrote that she was lying in bed one morning and was woke to 3 men, dressed in 20's era clothing, exiting the wardrobe, talking amongst themselves about a dance. As she froze to her bed in shock, she explained that in that moment she knew the wardrobe had to go.

I must admit, I got excited as she wrote that she wanted me to come and pick the wardrobe up.

After a bit of research about the wardrobe I discovered that the antique was worth roughly 4K, I explained that to her and asked how much she wanted for it. She said she doesn't want anything, she just desperately wanted it gone.

I shot round there to pick up the wardrobe and I can tell you something... walking into the woman's home, the whole energy was off!! I could immediately feel something negative.

Now being a paranormal investigator, I am addicted to this feeling, I know that the minute my senses go like that I am going to have a good investigation.

On the door of the wardrobe was a little key lock that looked ancient, I locked the door and pulled on the handle to make sure it didn't swing when I was loading it into my car. As I am carrying it to my car... the door swings hard open and slams on my arm. Through the pain, a smile spread across my face... this spirit wants to play!!

Fast forward a couple of days, the wardrobes in my living room getting in the way, and I am sat eating my dinner in front of the TV when I hear an almighty crash come from inside the wardrobe. "oh no, it's not broken is it" runs through my head as I jump up to see what's going on. I unlock the door and as I pull it open a wave of heat hits my face like I've just opened an oven... its midwinter!

The wardrobe is perfectly intact and there are no signs of anything that made the crash. hmm...

So, I sit back down to finish my dinner, and that's when the wardrobe really plays up. Its scratching, its banging, its creaking... it hadn't made a noise until this point.

Ok, enough is enough. I am going in!

As you know, my team wear stab-proof vests, utility belts and as much protection as possible from something that could hurt us.

My vest is on, EMFs in hand and Psychic ability finely tuned as I open the door and push all my energy into the wardrobe to take control of whatever's in there.

I felt several spirits grab at my energy as I sat myself in the wardrobe with my feet firmly on my living floor to ground myself.

My EMF's beeping like a fire alarm because the energy is so electric in the wardrobe.

To my surprise... a little old Doris connects with me as I sit in there, she is curious as to who I am, so I tell her and begin explaining what I am doing, and she seems shocked.

"I haven't seen anything" she tells me. We talk for what seems like 5 minutes as she tells me everything about her life, her husband and how she hasn't seen him since she died and that she has just been exploring the spirit realm and visiting family. I bid her farewell and thank her and then leave the wardrobe...


It felt like 5 minutes IF THAT! So now I instantly know... this wardrobes a damn portal. Who knows what could be in there!

Now I am really excited, this is every Paranormal Investigators dream. I have got a portal to the spirit world in my living room, where a ton of spirits could come and visit me, this is going to be great for the live feeds.

I spend the rest of the day telling my team and friends what had happened and planning a live feed for all my viewers to see what I can bring out from there.

It is about 8pm that same night, I'm excited. I set up the studio and centre the wardrobe in the lounge for the best view and begin my live.

Introductions was done and I explained the back story of the wardrobe and sat down in the wardrobe.


What the hell, my heart felt like it had been pulled into my feet, all the blood left my stomach as if I had driven too fast over a steep bridge and I felt glued to this wardrobe... not what I was expecting!! Where's my little Doris?

Now I understand what a portal is and the dangers of it, but I expected to at least rummage around a bit before something so strong had come at me.

I was on camera and had to compose myself, besides, I am a bloody good psychic and paranormal investigator... Ive got this!

I recentred myself, pushed back on the energy that was attached to me, to let it know I was in control. I must admit, although I pushed back, it wasn't as far as I wanted, but it was manageable.

"if there is a spirit there, who are you" I called out.

I had a spirit box and emf either side of me, two physical objects in which the spirit can communicate through for everyone to see, not just me.

"Zach" something replied. Now spirit box crackled the name, but I heard every detail of the spirits' voice. It was weird, it set me of guard, it was soooooo calm and matter of fact but made me feel so intimidated.

The worst thing you can do with a negative spirit, is show that you are scared, being psychic is 75% confidence.

"Thank you, Zach, tell me why you are here" I replied, my mouth bigger than my bollocks at this point.

"Because you are" He replied.

Now I can't explain how calm and threatening his tone was, but something about being threatened snapped me back to reality... I'm a stubborn, arrogant, arsehole... I certainly am not going to be pushed around by a damn spirit from Narnia.

”What do you want from me Zach" I asked with my eyebrows frowning as my determination reached my face.

"You are coming with me" Zach replied.

and it was then, that I knew I had fucked up.

You see, negative spirits feed on negative energy, the worse you feel, the stronger they get. Now I had been stupid, I did something which was so rookie I'm ashamed of it. I got pissed off!

I had been caught off guard, I had been intimidated, and then I got pissed off and determined to out-ego this negative energy.

What a bloody idiot.

In a few sentences this spirit had made me dislike him so much, got me pissed off and had manipulated me like a bit of putty, he had got me!

Now I had been possessed before, I knew exactly what was happening, I knew exactly what to do... did I do it, no! I wanted a good show, I wanted to get more....

The energy I had projected for spirits to latch onto, was pushed so hard back into my chest, Mike Tyson might as well of punched it back into me. My body went paralysed, but I was still fidgeting. The pressure behind my eyes and in my brain was unbearable, and all I can do is focus on keeping my breathing as regular as possible as my throat was squeezing shut and my eyes glaze over.

It's a weird feeling being possessed, because your body doesn't feel like yours anymore, but your conscious mind is all you have.

Now I have no idea what is coming out my mouth, but I am very aware I'm up the creek without a paddle, and I've got a ton of people watching me on camera.

"You are coming with me" Zach said.

"Why do you want me?" I asked.

Nothing, it didn't say another word to me! all I could feel was now my conscious mine was fading, I was struggling to pin a thought together.

Ok, that's enough for me, I weren't sure if I was dying or not!

So, I went with it, my physical body shut down, my conscious mind was fading, all I had was my Psychic energy. I had to have faith that it was strong enough to push this bastard off.

I shut out what was happening in my mind and focussed everything I had to building my energy big enough to have a shot. I mustered, I dug deep, I pushed.

Nothing.... SHIT!

Take two.

Focus, Focus, Focus... ran through my head as I felt my spirit guides familiar energy wrap around me and into my chest.

Now I let out one big roar as I gave everything I had, and then a little bit more, into pushing my energy so hard that this thing let go.

Oxygen rushed to my brain, breath to my lungs, blood to my body As I felt Zach lose his grip on my energy, I was free.

"Sage me!" I shouted as I began cleansing my mind body and soul and putting in place every bit of spiritual protection I knew.

The true showman I am, I carried on, tired and dazed, I explained what had just happened, and to my shock, the viewers where commenting in panic. the saw everything! they heard it all! I didn't even know, but thanks to my equipment, 100's of viewers got to actually physically see and hear me get possessed by an arsehole of a spirit!

Did it put me off... did it fuck!

The next day I went back in after Zach, he wasn't going to get the better of me, I am Prof. Jesse Hawkins, I do NOT get pushed around by a spirit.

He was gone, I spent days in that wardrobe... I never saw him again.