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Have you had a reoccurring dream?

suit of armour, paranormal dream in colchester

I want to share with you a dream I have had many times throughout my life. The first being when I was only 3 years old.

Now I was born in a big house on Rush Green Road in Clacton-On-Sea. I have absolutely no memories of the house as we moved to a new house when I was 4 years old, no memories bar 1.

Now we are all familiar with how dreams work, and how when you wake up you have mere minutes to try and remember it before it disappears from you mind and is reduced to the key points you can remember. The strange thing about this dream, is that I can remember every damn detail, and I can even remember waking up.

So, I am roughly about 3 years old, I sound asleep in the front bedroom of the house. The first strange thing I can remember is being jolted awake (in my dream, I am actually still asleep) there was an almighty crash and flash of white light. I'm only 3 so I'm instantly terrified but I get out of bed to go and see what had happened.

MY bedroom door was open, so I walked straight out to the hallway, ahead of me is the spiral staircase just to the left and on my right bend on the hallway which heads off to the upstairs bathroom.

In that moment I hear my door handle rattle and I turn around to see my bedroom door swing open (I remember this to be weird, as I had just walked out of the same door and it was open). The door swings open and what happens next roots me to the ground.

Out from my room marches a parade of different beings. All in single file, all staring dead ahead as if I wasn't there, all methodically marching to a rhythm *Doof, Doof, Doof*

Now I can remember clear as day seeing a suit of armour, an American cop, a native Indian, a monk, a king.

Now they all marched from the bedroom I was just sound asleep in seconds ago, straight past me, down the hall, and down the spiral staircase.

Once the parade had gone past, the next thing I know I was woke to being swept up by my mother and put back into my bed.

The dream had happened, but my body had reacted to it, I had actually left my bed, I had actually stood in the hallway.

Very peculiar.

The next time I had the exact same dream, was when I was roughly about 10, the exact same thing, but in the house, I lived in at the time. Again, my body reacted to the dream, I found myself being woke in the hallway by my mum.

I have had the same dream several times in my life, the most recent being a few years ago.

Now I have researched this dream and the closest analysis I can find explains that I must call upon other people for help, however the dream is very specific, and the analysis is based on a dream vaguely similar.

I study every one of my dreams and keep a dream journal on my phone.

I am curious to hear yours, if you have had any reoccurring dreams, let me know in the comments and I will analyse them for you.

Thank you

Prof. Jesse Hawkins

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