Haunted Jack in the Box

You know what, being a paranormal investigator, you do not half deal with some cliche' but this story is about a haunted Jack in the Box and starts when I met my other half Jennie.

Vintage, haunted jack in the box
The Jack in the Box

Me and Jennie were friends before we started dating and I went round her house quite a bit. There was one thing that always shocked me about Jen's house when I went round there... there was a nothingness, it was so peaceful. No spirits trying to connect, no energy making me shift, no nothing. That is very bizarre for a psychic medium, everywhere you go there is always something from the other realm trying to get your attention... but not in Jennies house.

It was noticeably silent.

Now before we were together, I had only ever been round for BBQ's, parties, drinks, which was always hosted in the gorgeous back garden, surrounded by nature and birds. Her garden is like a little haven for wildlife. I had never really spent time in the house.

It was not until me and Jennie got together, and I started spending nights there that I noticed something was amiss. Over drinks, Jennie and I spent hours discussing all the mysterious things that seemed to go wrong, all the drama that had happened to her over the years she had lived in the house. I knew this was more than coincidental, I knew that spirits had something to do with it.

I ask my usual questions and try and decipher who, what and where this thing was coming from.

Now I will not go into details about what has happened to Jennie as that is personal to her, but I will say that there have been some serious incidents over the years which made me think that whatever was here was serious and would stop at nothing.

Now Jennie is one of my Paranormal Investigators, she has been on some BIG jobs and knows what it is like to investigate, but when I asked her if we could investigate her own home, she was adamant that it was a NO! She lived here by herself with her son and did not want to disturb whatever was here and be at risk when she was here alone.

However, things deteriorated and suddenly everything and anything seemed to be going wrong, I noticed a change in Jen as she was getting increasingly worn down by the spirit which was manipulating her whole life.

Enough was enough! I tell her that I am going to be investigating and getting rid of the spirit as she really could not go on like this, she finally agreed but did not want to be present. I thought this was wise as whatever it was, was clearly gunning for her. I had just taken on a young PI into my team who needed training and this was the perfect opportunity.

So off Jennie went to work one night, and my PI and I got vested up in our uniform, done our equipment check, and began.

It took ages as I was more training than I was investigating, and Jennies house is huge, but we had all night so this was a perfect training opportunity.

As we cleared the downstairs, we had little results, but we did have one spirit that kept popping up on the equipment to tease us, it seemed to enjoy itself as it made us dash from one end of the house to the other as it set equipment off. To be honest, I like a spirit like that on an investigation, we get undeniable results, and everyone, including the spirit has fun. I found myself laughing along and teasing the spirit and to my delight the energy in the air was happy and laughing.

We moved upstairs to the 3 massive bedrooms in Jens house. One of which is her room, one of which is her sons, and the last is a dressing room and wardrobe.

Now Jennie has completely redone her home, had extensions and new bathrooms and kitchen, and she was getting round to having her last room upstairs done. Both bedrooms where finished and modernised (if you are spiritual you can see where I am getting at here, let me know in the comments) but the makeup room was not. There were still old built-in wardrobes and original decor from the previous owners.

I am going pause the story to explain something which I should of wrote at the start, but I have gone too far to rewrite the story, so I am going to add it in now.... Jennie and her family are hoarders, everything gets kept and passed down. Jennie has an attic, cupboards and garages full of stuff well over a century old and from all angles of her family. If you know anything about the spirit realm, you will know that we emit energy from our happiness and our sorrow of our daily life and that energy gets trapped in us and our surroundings... for example... if you have a partner, that partner gifts you a cuddly toy and then you have a row and leave that partner, that cuddly toy once held love energy as a gift, which transforms into negative energy when you split up. So, it is always wise to de-clutter. But Jennie had not, nor had her parents, nor her grandparents. They just past down objects full of all kinds of energy which has been stored in every compartment of jennies' house!

Back to the story....

I take the investigation upstairs, into Jennies bedroom. We instantly get a spirit through on the box who explains that he is in love with Jennie (who is not eh!) and wants to be with her, now it was not as sinister as it sounds, it was just a gentlemen spirit who was attached to the house who had taken a shine to Jennie. I explain that she is my other half and have a bit of banter with the spirit before sending him on his way and crossing him over.

We move into the makeup room, and blank. Nothing! That clear feeling that I felt back when Jennie and I were friends. Suddenly, a wave of realisation washed over me as I realised that it was not a haven, more of a HIDDEN! There was something in this room that for about a year now had hidden itself from me to avoid getting my attention so it could carry on manipulating Jennies life. Now the problem being.... where the hell was it?

In the makeup room there was a beautiful French dressing table along with clothes storage, and two massive cupboards. All the round the room, I am not exaggerating when I say there is a TON of makeup, and I am not just saying that because I am a bloke, I am saying it because on every suffice and all over the floor lay products for all kinds of things for every part of your body. I can tackle a demon in my sleep, but this stuff is like a foreign language I have no idea what it is for.... but it is everywhere!

One of the cupboards is half clothes, half stuff and the other floor-to-ceiling wardrobe full of shelves is crammed brim full of objects Jen has hoarded over the years. I look around at this room and think... where the fuck do I start, this spirit could be anywhere in anything and it is not about to pop up and say hello to me.

This type of investigation I would normally take a team of my top investigators on who knows what they are doing... but here I am with just me and a trainee on their first hunt. This is going to take a while. Object after object gets picked up, investigated with each bit of equipment and I phish for energy before the object gets carefully put back in place and logged. We finally get to the cupboard and then... Bam!!! There it is! Right at the back amongst all kinds of stuff I get a fearful tug on my energy, the spirit had let itself slip as I got closer and closer. I am instantly drawn to a tin box, its colourful yet faded, with rust in places. I reach for it and pull it out. Instantly I am filled with an energy so horrible it is like a grief! I look at my PI and think to myself "Boy, this is going to be some training".

My equipment gets ran over it and goes mad. The spirit box remains silent as the spirit stubbornly ignores me. I delve into the spirit world, this bastard has messed with my woman and no one does that. I do not find a person, more of an accumulation of negative energy, its big and strong and has obviously been fed over the years by every row with an ex, every shit situation in life, every mistake, every fuck up, every bit of negative energy over the years that Jen has experienced has fed into this damn jack in the box. I tune in and demand an explanation. Now the one thing that boosted my confidence is that this thing was scared, it had hidden itself from me and was trying to hide because it knew that I was more than capable of removing it and dispersing over 50 years of negative energy.

It explained that it was hellbent on destroying Jens life, she was easy to manipulate because she is so easily affected by things which was perfect for it. It explained that it had caused a lot of hurt and upset and was responsible for many disasters in Jennies life.

Now being Jennies other half, her protector, it was hard for me to remain calm, I felt angry that it was trying to hurt my girl, but I knew that if I got angry, it got stronger.

I called my spirit guide Rose in for back up, I conducted a sacred ritual to the arch angels, and I smudge the crap out of it. It is a very satisfying feeling to feel that kind of energy slip away and dissolve into nothingness.

Now the one thing about energy is, it takes some time to repair, if it has been negative for so long it does not just instantly go positive, it must be built, and I have spent the last year fighting this energy by myself and replacing it with positive energy. I have a long way to go and Jennie might think I am her enemy sometimes, but I will keep fighting and doing good things until the energy in her life is nothing but positive.

Guys thank you for reading, let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Love & Light

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