Followed Home by a ghost!

Plough road in great bentley, colchester
Plough road! the field next to me when he began following me.

I want to tell you about the time I was followed home by a spirit. I was young and very scared.

I want to start this blog post by thanking everyone for reading them, I really enjoy writing about my experiences.

This one starts when I was about 13 years old, I was living in a little village called Great Bentley in Colchester, Essex. It was late one night, and I had spent the evening round a friend's house.

Now let me explain that Great Bentley is a little village right next to an even more little village called Aingers Green. What connected the two villages was a mile-long country road called Plough Road with nothing but fields either side and a very small foot path along the side. Now my friends lived at one end of Plough Road, and I lived in the village right at the other end.

Let me set the scene for you. It's about 9pm on a school night, I had just been sent home by my friend's mum, I am about to embark on the long 40-minute walk home. I was 13 years old, and not the biggest fan of the dark, especially when it was like something out of Jeepers Creepers. Corn grew on one side in a field and on the other side of me was a long arse road which is rarely used.

I wave goodbye to my friends' family, pulled up the collar on my coat and set off. Now as you can imagine, in the hundreds of times I've walked this road, it's never been anything but uneventful. As I'm walking, I can feel the chill wind on my face and my arms instantly hug to my chest for warmth.

In the distance there is a single streetlamp which serves absolutely no purpose what-so-ever as there is nothing to light up and there was only one light, Christ only knows why it was there.

As I look into the distance, I see a figure walking next to the pavement in the road. Its walking so damn slowly and about every ten steps it stops and looks back at me and then turns back and carries on walking. I'm 13, its pitch black, and I'm absolutely crapping my pants, but this is the only road home and turning around just meant I had to walk back up again, so I carry on.

I am gaining on this figure, but it's too dark to make out any description, and like clockwork, this figure follows the rhythm of walking 10 steps, stopping, turning back to look at me, turning back and walking on. I get to the point that I'm about 20 feet away from this figure when I can accurately make out the face. It's a man, he's hunched over at the shoulders and the bottom of his face is buried into the top of his jacket.

It's not until I am two paces behind him before any actual interaction happens. I have never been more focused on the road ahead of me, I was desperate not to look at him or give any reaction at all. It's when I am level with the bastard that it kicks off.

I try to increase my pace to get past him as quick as possible and as I'm shoulder to shoulder with him I see in my peripheral vision, his head shoots out of his collar, his face spins round to me and I jump out of my skin. Fuck, this is actually happening, I am about to get murdered.

"You need to help me" he growled at me; it was an angry demand more of a cry for help.

I didn't even respond, I just wide eyed stared back at him.

"YOU NEED TO HELP ME!" he now shouts at me.

"What, what do you want from me?" I stammer back.

And that's when the moment of realisation happened. I wasn't experiencing this man like I would do a person, I am feeling him, my body feels different, my emotions are all over the show as I'm picking up on his energy (and absolutely crapping my pants). The thing with being psychic is that it's not the spirit you're talking to, it's the way your body reacts to a full apparition which tells you that it's a spirit.

"You need to take me home" he growls.

"I can't just take you home I don't know you" I say, pleading inside that I don't piss him off with that.

"You ARE taking me home" He said, he almost smiled as he bullied me.

I just stand there, I am lost for words, petrified, I just didn't know what to do.

I did what any other 13-year-old boy would do. LEG IT!

I run, and I run, and I run, I'm still 3/4 of a mile away from the village and I've still got to go through the park and the alley way to my house, but I also know I go past the village pub. PLEASE GOD LET THERE BE SOMEONE OUTSIDE.

I'm running and looking back; I am so scared I can't believe I haven't pissed myself yet. As I look back, I see him, easily keeping up with me. What the hell do I do, I'm knackered, barely breathing and I doing exactly what this guy has asked in the first place, leading him home.

I stop, not because I was being brave but because I am way out of breath.

"WHAT! WHAT DO YOU WANT! I can't take you home" I scream at him.

"I need to go home with you" he replied, unnervingly calm now.

"Why do you even want to come back with me" I ask.

"Because I need someone" he says, as if that's a completely normal response.

"Who do you need? What do you need them for?" I ask.

"I am fading out; I need their energy" he is talking to me now as if he knows I have no choice.

Now I am 13, I've had lots of experiences, but I am not educated on my gift. I have no idea about energy and things like that.

"Go and get someone else, there's no one home" I lie.

My whole family is home and I'm scared for them, I have no idea what this man would do if he found out where I lived.

I just carry-on walking, I have got to lose him, I walk all round the village and he knows what he is doing, it gets really sick now! he begins to taunt me.

He’s shouting after me as he follows behind, saying things like he is going to get me, he is going to get my mum, he laughs, he is enjoying it, he is loving making me scared.

I walk and walk and walk, around this damn quiet village where no one goes out past 9pm, I am preying I bump into some help.

I am terrified, I am at the point where I don't know what to do other than keep walking anywhere but my house. The evil bastard is still following me, shouting after me, sick, evil things.

Finally, just as I'm about to accept me fate, he goes quiet, I dare not look back, I don't want to know why he is not talking, is he bored? is he going to just kill me know? am I going to get attacked?

I keep walking for ages and then I build up the nerve to look behind me...

He is not there!

I finally get to head home and safe to say I just get into bed and shake, all night, I didn't tell anyone, I just stayed up staring at my door all night.

The next morning, I am thankfully out the door really early to help my friend with their horses. As I'm being driven down the same road it all began on, I tell my story to my friends' family and that's when their mum pipes up with.

"That's so strange, it was about 10 years ago a man got hit by a car and died on this road, just about there" she points to the exact point I crossed paths with the evil bastard from last night.

Looking back now, with my experience and education, it's clear that he never wanted to come home with me. You see negative spirits get their energy from the negative energy we emit. He just wanted to make me as scared as possible so he could grow from my suffering.

What an arsehole!

I've always wanted to go back to the location now and deal with him, I'm sure I will get round to it at some point, but that's a story for another blog post.

Hope you enjoyed this guys, please give it a share and let me know what you think in the comments. what would you have done in my shoes?

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