Evie our K9 response units BIRTHDAY!

So Evie turned 1 yesterday!

Evie come into our live‘s January this year when she was just 8 weeks old, since 8 weeks old she has been put through 9 months of training, initially we trained her as a service dog, then we added in police protection training, and finally trained her to sniff out objects. Once she was trained, we then applied the training to the Paranormal, taking her on ghost hunts and paranormal investigations and giving her treats each time she reacted to a spirit. Evie can now independently sniff out a spirit and alert her handler to it.

Evie is a St. Bernard, normally St Bernards are very docile and lazy, Evie is the polar opposit! When Evie is told she is going on a hunt, she goes crazy, jumping up, and bounding all over the show. She hasn’t quite realised her size yet and bowls People over.

Evie loves paranormal investigating in Essex at a specific spot. The archeollogical roman circus in Colchester is renowned for being incredibly spiritually active, we have seen everything from sudden mist, to full on apparitions on several occasions when we have been ghost hunting there. It’s also a massive field and a hotspot for dog walking, so as you can imagine, Evie is in her element when we go there.

All K9 units live with Prof. Hawkins, and although they are working dogs, they are a massive part of family life too. The four dogs have their own bedroom which has been specially built for them, however they all try to get in Jesse & Jamie’s room. Prof. Hawkins is known to give in and let them in.

Yesterday Evies birthday started with her getting her favourite breakfast, steak and gravy. Followed by Evie getting a long walk on the green behind the house. Evie was booked in to the groomers where she was pampered And come out looking and smelling AMAZING! She then came home to open all her presents, including a new bed, lots of chew toys, a huge box of treats and a Nerf gun tennis ball shooter (Which Jamie suspects Jesse bought mainly for himself).

After a long day Evie was tuckered out... and fell asleep hogging Jesse’s bed!

We are very lucky to have Evie, and we all love her very much!


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