Blessing & Cleansing

Blessings come in many different ways. You might choose to protect a house or a local area with a blessing. You can also bless a person or an item for security, for luck, or for protection.

There are a number of reasons why a blessing may be desired or necessary. The TPE team have blessed a vast number of people, places and property. We can also use blessed water (not to be confused with Holy Water) Blessed water is available to purchase from us.



As we journey through life it is inevitable that collect some negativity. It could be caused by a single issue or by an amalgamation of experiences. Some may have had a difficult childhood, a messy divorce or bereavement. You might be under pressure at work. You might even be taking on other peoples negative issues.
All that negative energy has the power to bring you to your knees. It happens to the best of us. At TPE we offer a process that can rid you of all negativity and allow you to get back on your feet and leave the past firmly behind you. The process is called "Cleansing" and we are very experienced in cleansing people and objects of all negativity. As you might imagine, through our work we often deal with negative energies (sometimes on a daily basis) so it is paramount we also cleanse ourselves frequently. We know our process works!
If you feel like you would benefit from a cleansing or have an object that needs to be cleansed we would be happy to help. We are the UK's leading paranormal investigators based in Essex and have extensive experience in cleansing not only ourselves, but locations, objects and guest.

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