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About Us

Welcome to The Paranormal Emporium where we offer a range of services to clients interested in the spiritual realm or requiring our help with a paranormal issue.

Our team is led by Prof. Jesse King a renowned and gifted Psychic Medium in Essex, UK. Prof. Jesse King has studied a broad range of aspects of the paranormal and is an expert in most paranormal fields and is the ONLY psychic who has a PhD in Parapsychology. (The study of the paranormal world)


Prof. King has a star studded client base and his gift is trusted by some of the hottest names in Hollywood and the UK's fame circuit. Having appeared on TV many times alongside A-listers, Prof. King is used by many of the famous elite as a spiritual adviser.

Jesse is voted the uk's leading psychic. 

Jesse specialises in a number of practises and is renowned for having incredible results in crime and missing persons cases.

Prof. Jesse King, who has been investigating the paranormal realm for over a decade, specialises in Psychic and Tarot Readings and is known for his unique board sessions. Jesse has worked on many high profile investigations for many celebrities and international landmarks. He does not shy away from a challenge and has travelled the globe, getting incredible, undeniable results from the paranormal world. 

At The Paranormal Emporium we have been investigating paranormal activity for over a quarter of a century. We have been lucky enough to witness some amazing things through our work and possess the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that our clients are secure and confident when involved in any paranormal situation. 

A Paranormal investigator is the go-to person who will use a range of resources to work out if and who is haunting your home. Paranormal experiences can occur in many ways. Your session might be great fun, a little scary (experiencing something new and inexplicable can be a little nerve jangling) or emotional. We find there is nothing more moving than when a passed on relative comes through in a seance to tell someone 'I love you' one last time. We often have a lot of fun setting up our equipment in a clients home with everyone becoming fully involved in the scenario form start to finish.

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